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Talks and book festivals in Scotland

Scottish literature has a long and distinguished history. It includes some of the most widely read classics of all times, from Ossian and J M Barrie to Robert Louis Stevenson and Conan Doyle, as well as works from internationally acclaimed contemporary writers such as Muriel Spark, Irvine Welsh, Alexander McCall Smith and J K Rowling. Scotland’s distinguished position in the literary world continues to develop, and literary art is celebrated throughout the year with a variety of events including book festivals, readings and creative workshops. 


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27th January 2014, Edinburgh:

On Holocaust Memorial Day, storyteller Colin Mackay retells the story of the famous diarist and reflects on what her story means to us today.

30th January 2015, Edinburgh:

To the Celts, Brigid was everything - goddess of fire, healing and poetry.

30th January 2015, Edinburgh:

Explore Robert Burns’ master narrative and learn how to recite this most mighty of tales.

30th January 2015, Edinburgh:

Join Jack Martin, Edinburgh’s famed teller of tall tales, conveyer of wise-cracking puppets and pun-plucker in this special Burns Guid Crack.

31st January 2015, Edinburgh:

A hands-on, practical introduction to live storytelling and the associated skills.

5th February 2015, Dundee:

Join us for an informal tour of ‘Classical Art: The Legacy of The Ancients’ exhibition at The McManus, and find out why the culture of ancient Greece and Rome has been a constant inspiration to artists for over two thousand years.

12th February 2015, Edinburgh:

Wendy Woolfson leads a journey through the stages of love, inviting the audience to feel their own connections and share in the familiar feelings that love can evoke.

13th February 2015, Edinburgh:

Seeing, hearing and responding – how can storytelling open up our awareness of the natural world? Storyteller and community activist, Jane Mather, explores storytelling in natural world and garden settings as a way to link the generations.

14th February 2015, Dundee:

From stolen glances and passionate embraces to bitter break-ups and fond farewells, Roman poetry is a great place to learn the ancient language of love.

25th February 2015, Dundee:

Learn what life was like for both Romans and natives in occupied Scotland, from Dr Fraser Hunter, principal curator of Iron Age and Roman collections at National Museums Scotland.

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