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Talks and book festivals in Scotland

Scottish literature has a long and distinguished history. It includes some of the most widely read classics of all times, from Ossian and J M Barrie to Robert Louis Stevenson and Conan Doyle, as well as works from internationally acclaimed contemporary writers such as Muriel Spark, Irvine Welsh, Alexander McCall Smith and J K Rowling. Scotland’s distinguished position in the literary world continues to develop, and literary art is celebrated throughout the year with a variety of events including book festivals, readings and creative workshops. 


activity highlights

26th March 2015, Edinburgh:

The launch evening of Eigg Island features new music and poetry inspired by Eigg.

4th April 2015, Dundee:

Broughty Castle has been occupied by the Roman Army.

7th April 2015, Glasgow:

All of Us is a bold new night of (mostly) true storytelling.

9th April 2015, Edinburgh:

Join Jo Nesbo, the number one best-selling author of the Harry Hole crime fiction series, at this exclusive event to mark the publication of his new novel.

9th April 2014, Dundee:
Join us for a fascinating look at some of the Greek and Roman myths that have inspired artists through the ages.

12th April 2015, Dundee:

Be one of the very first to get your hands on a copy of Irvine’s brand new novel A Decent Ride at this exclusive pre-publication event.

13th April 2015, Dundee:

Mark Hall, Curator at Perth Museum & Art Gallery, introduces our holiday programme of family activities, exploring the Romans’ love for board games.

19th April 2015, Edinburgh:

Come and spend an evening with Irvine Welsh as he discusses his funniest, filthiest book yet.

19th April 2015, East Lothian:

A narrative concert which intertwines the music of American ensemble Chance, and the writings of Scottish born naturalist, John Muir, performed by Thomas Clyde Mitchell.

23rd April 2015, West Lothian:

World Book Night is an annual celebration about giving books and encouraging those who have lost the love of reading, or are yet to gain it, to pick up a book and read.

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