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Scottish attractions

Scotland has many attractions to appeal to all tastes: from castles and stately homes to galleries and museums; from parks and gardens to exhibitions and theme parks. Whether it’s for mum and dad or just for kids; whether you prefer to watch wildlife and nature at work, or marvel at Scotland’s dramatic history and fine culture; whether you want to be outdoors or indoors … Scotland has something everyone. 

activity highlights
Man at Arms Guided Tour

26th April 2014, East Lothian:

Man at Arms guided tour of Dirleton Castle.


23th & 26th April 2014, Lanark:

Don’t miss out on a visit to The Powertool, Woodworking & Garden Machinery Show 2014.

Spring Open Day

26th April 2014, Dumfries & Galloway:

Join us at Bellymack Hill Farm for the Spring Open Day of the Galloway Kite Trail Feeding Station.


26th April 2014, Glasgow:

The Galilean Society aims to promote science to the general public by holding talks every month, covering all aspects of science.

Carnaby Market Fair

26th April 2014, St Andrews:

Vintage goodies galore, including vintage fashion, accessories and jewellery.


28th & 29th April 2014, Aberdeen:

Your Little Scientists are invited to Satrosphere for interactive learning and fun.

The Takeover

30th April 2014, Aberdeen:

Satrosphere’s over-18s event is back, and this month we are celebrating the best of Satrosphere.


30th April 2014, Edinburgh:

This festival takes place on 30th April every year.

Jane Goodall: Reasons for Hope

1st May 2014, Edinburgh:

Don’t miss this talk from one of the most revered and much-loved conservationists of our time.


2nd May 2014, Edinburgh:

Dung comes in all shapes, sizes and colours – especially if it is from our zoo animals.

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