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Community events in Scotland - what’s on

Community spirit is strong in Scotland. Towns and villages all over the country take great pride in the events they host – as a celebration of friendship and true Scottish traditions.

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Valentine Craft & Gift Event

7th February 2015, West Lothian:

Valentine craft and gift shopping event raising funds for Daisy Drop In.


11th February 2015, Dundee:

Part of the Cafe Science Extra series, a talk entitled Using the Power of Youth to Restore the Wisdom of Old Age.

Inter-Generational Network: Exploring Community Gardens

13th February 2014, Edinburgh:

This networking event brings together Scotland’s inter-generational activists with storytelling and the traditional arts.


15th February 2015, Edinburgh:

The Jack & Jill Market is back in Edinburgh in February with the first capital city event of the year.

Jack & Jill Market Livingston

22nd February 2015, Livingston:

The Jack and Jill Markets are quality nearly-new baby and children’s markets across Scotland where smart Mums sell and save.


28th February 2015, Glasgow:

This is your chance to achieve what doesn’t seem possible, increase your confidence, overcome your fears and raise vital funds for Sense Scotland all at the same time.

Making It Ours

28th February 2015, Edinburgh:

There is a worldwide movement to nurture intangible heritage, but what is it and who decides? Where is it in Scotland? ICH can be a pathway to local ownership of cultural resources and to creative inspiration that begins where we are.


8th March 2015, Fife:
Want to learn juggling or how to change a bike tyre? Maybe you’re thinking about keeping chickens but don’t know where to start? Well, come along to the Cosmos Centre on March 8th and find out! We are organising a whole day of skill sharing activities for anyone to try their hand at a new skill.

The Arts of Memory in Later Life

13th March 2015, Edinburgh:

The greatest music according to tradition is ‘the music of what happens’.


20th March 2015, Edinburgh:

A creative exploration of storymaking, music and song for those working creatively with youngsters.

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