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What’s on Fife

World-famous for its golf, and featuring some of Scotland’s best scenic attractions, the Kingdom of Fife is the ancestral home of Scottish monarchs. Barely 50 miles at its widest point, Fife still manages to offer any number of interesting days out, with castles, cathedrals, gardens and historical sites, plus a whole host of cultural and outdoor activities for your enjoyment. Fife is regarded as the Home of Golf and has more than 40 courses, including the famed and illustrious fairways of St Andrews. The Fife coastline is a very special environment, too, with its distinctive rock formations, delicate flora and varied wildlife. So, whatever your preference, whether you’re looking for relaxation or action, you’ll find it in Fife.

regional highlights

3rd April 2015, Fife:

The free-thinking philosopher returns to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival to ponder timeless questions and reflect upon life’s choices and decisions.

3rd April 2015, Glenrothes:

Semi famous puppeteer Frank Stein has had enough with his badly made puppets.

4th April 2015, Dunfermline:

The Jack and Jill Markets are quality nearly-new baby and children’s markets across Scotland where smart Mums sell and save.

4th April 2015, Falkland:

Arts and Crafts Fair featuring around 20 crafters showcasing a wide range of hand-made, bespoke wares.

5th April 2015, Glenrothes:

An entertaining show designed for 3 to 7 year-olds.

8th April 2015, Glenrothes:

Did you ever lose a shoe that tumbled into a bird that flew over the sea to an island new where creatures strange and mysterious grew from a wondrous, magical Shoe Kangaroo.

8th April 2015, Fife:

Liang dreams of being a painter but is too poor to buy himself a paintbrush.

8th April 2015, Kirkcaldy:

Roll up, roll up - come join the circus.

9th April 2015, Fife:

Underneath your feet in the muddy brown soil squirms the world’s best kept secret - a wonderful, magical creature called the Worm.

10th April 2015, Fife:

An evil prince is ruining the kingdom.

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