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What’s on Dunfermline and West Fife

West Fife is linked to Edinburgh and the Lothians by the two Forth Bridges. While the coastline here is largely industrial, the area has been sensitively developed and there are many scenic and historical attractions to explore. Dunfermline was Scotland’s capital until 1603. Built on a hill, the town is dominated by the abbey and ruined palace at the top. You’ll find several seaside holiday centres here with excellent beaches, watersports, golf and sailing, and access to the Fife Coastal Path, a 50-mile, way-marked walking trail.

area highlights

20th April 2014, Fife:

Join wildlife cameraman Doug Allan for an unforgettable evening of extraordinary animal adventures and unique wildlife film footage.

25th & 26th April 2014, Dunfermline:

Prepare for a night of laughs from a new season with new gags.

29th April 2014, Fife:

Somewhere near you there is a band of brothers fighting for justice.

1st May 2014, Fife:

Don’t miss the second heat of the 2014 Fife Primary Schools Glee Show Choir Competition.

2nd May 2014, Fife:

How many penguins are too many penguins? Mr Polaro thinks that one is more than enough, thank you very much.

3rd May 2014, Fife:

Irish-born flautist Nuala Kennedy has developed a distinctive blend of folk and pop with artfully adventurous arrangements, showcased most recently on her highly-praised 2012 album Noble Stranger.

13th May 2014, Fife:

A highly imaginative fusion of animation, puppetry, projections and music.

17th May 2014, Fife:

The Searchers remarkable career continues.

18th May 2014, Fife:

The extraordinary tale of Wojtek, the Polish soldier bear, who fought at Monte Cassino and died in Edinburgh Zoo.

20th May 2014, Fife:

Anyone who’s attended a 10cc concert in recent years is likely to have seen band co-founder Graham Gouldman’s opening acoustic set, featuring some of the hits he wrote for other artistes.

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