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What’s on Dunfermline and West Fife

West Fife is linked to Edinburgh and the Lothians by the two Forth Bridges. While the coastline here is largely industrial, the area has been sensitively developed and there are many scenic and historical attractions to explore. Dunfermline was Scotland’s capital until 1603. Built on a hill, the town is dominated by the abbey and ruined palace at the top. You’ll find several seaside holiday centres here with excellent beaches, watersports, golf and sailing, and access to the Fife Coastal Path, a 50-mile, way-marked walking trail.

area highlights

3rd April 2015, Fife:

The free-thinking philosopher returns to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival to ponder timeless questions and reflect upon life’s choices and decisions.

4th April 2015, Dunfermline:

The Jack and Jill Markets are quality nearly-new baby and children’s markets across Scotland where smart Mums sell and save.

8th April 2015, Fife:

Liang dreams of being a painter but is too poor to buy himself a paintbrush.

9th April 2015, Fife:

Underneath your feet in the muddy brown soil squirms the world’s best kept secret - a wonderful, magical creature called the Worm.

10th April 2015, Fife:

An evil prince is ruining the kingdom.

8th - 11th April 2015, Fife:

This hit musical is guaranteed to have your entire family jumpin’ out of their blue suede shoes.

16th April 2015, Fife:

The Purveyors of Cool swing into Carnegie Hall with some of the greatest music of the 20th century.

18th April 2015, Fife:

Well-known playwright, writer, director and actress, Kathleen Ruddy returns with a subject all women will recognise; The mother-in-law.

19th April 2015, Fife:

Hugless Douglas is a huggable, lovable young brown bear who wakes up one morning in need of a hug.

21st April 2015, Fife:

Albert Hammond has been writing hit songs for over forty years.

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