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World music Scotland

Folk, tribal and contemporary music from Japan, India, eastern Europe, and the countries of Africa, Asia, South America and the Far East all have a stage in Scotland. Visiting artists play at our music festivals as well as smaller, more intimate venues.

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26th July 2014, West Lothian:

Simply Soweto Encha are a five-piece a cappella group that sing gospel, soul, jazz, doo-wop, and R’n’B, both in African and popular styles.

26th July 2014, Scottish Borders:

From irresistible dance tunes to poignant, a-rhythmic doinas, the music of Celter Schmelter evokes the heartfelt tension between joy and sadness of the Eastern European Jewish village wedding.

26th July 2014, Perthshire:

Think hot, steamy Cuban nightclubs or the Buena Vista Social Club sound of Old Havana (Son –a style of music made popular in 1920s Havana), and you’ve got the fabulous sound of Son Al Son.

9th August 2014, Inverness:

Widely considered to be Argentina’s finest tango singer, Martin Alvarado has performed in many major venues and festivals around the world.

5th September 2014, Fife:

This seven-piece Maasai group from southern Kenya perform authentic and exciting tribal song and invite the audience to join them in their celebrated Maasai jumping.

6th September 2014, Perth:

A unique collaboration between the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Edinburgh Mela festival and world music star Soumik Datta.

12th October 2014, Inverclyde:

The ’Reinhardt name’ of course refers to Lulo’s world famous grand-uncle, Django, the great gypsy guitarist.

15th October 2014, Aberdeen:

Juan Martín has launched a new duo project with fellow flamenco virtuoso Chaparro de Málaga.

24th October 2014, Inverclyde:

Feel the energy and experience the power of this unique performance.

29th November 2014, Lanark:

Experience the thundering, exhilarating rhythms of Taiko in a dynamic and captivating show, and gain a unique insight into the world of this powerful art form.

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