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Arts in Scotland

Scotland has always inspired creativity, and its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and colourful people have long been a focus for song, drama, literature and art. Today, art, in all its many forms, is very much alive and well in Scotland – and a major attraction for visitors. Literary art, performance art and the visual arts can be experienced and enjoyed the length and breadth of the country in every imaginable type of venue. Come and sample the abundance of talent Scotland has on offer. You won’t be disappointed.

activity highlights
The Wiz

4th - 7th November 2014, Renfrewshire:

Dorothy, the little girl from Kansas, is blown by a tornado into Munchkinland in the Land Of Oz.


4th - 7th December 2014, Fife:

The Singing Kettle are having a PARTY and you are all invited.

Flanders and Swann

7th November 2014, Edinburgh:

Flanders and Swann were the greatest musical double act in the world in the 1950s and 60s; now their mud, mirth and Madeira is back where it belongs - in Edinburgh.


3rd - 8th November 2014, Edinburgh:

Don’t miss the sequel to Dreamboats and Petticoats.

Black Coffee

3rd - 8th November 2014, Glasgow:

A quintessential English country estate is thrown into chaos following the murder of eccentric inventor Sir Claud Amory, and the theft of his new earth shattering formula.


22nd October - 8th November 2014, Glasgow:

A murderous comedy of the Glasgow underworld taking aim at the tabloid celebrity and macho glamour of the gangster life.

Sunset Song

6th - 8th November 2014, Dundee:

Chris Guthrie is bound to a harsh farming life by her intense love of the land.


3rd - 8th November 2014, Aberdeen:

Still rocking after five years on Broadway, and following three years of ovation-inducing performances in London’s West End, the legendary Rock of Ages now heads out on a UK Tour.

The Producers

6th - 8th November 2014, Inverclyde:

Greenock Light Opera Club brings you The Producers.


8th November 2014, Fife:

A young man crouches in the corner of his bedroom late one night and waits.

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