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Arts in Scotland

Scotland has always inspired creativity, and its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and colourful people have long been a focus for song, drama, literature and art. Today, art, in all its many forms, is very much alive and well in Scotland – and a major attraction for visitors. Literary art, performance art and the visual arts can be experienced and enjoyed the length and breadth of the country in every imaginable type of venue. Come and sample the abundance of talent Scotland has on offer. You won’t be disappointed.

activity highlights
Café Voices: Journey through Love

12th February 2015, Edinburgh:

Wendy Woolfson leads a journey through the stages of love, inviting the audience to feel their own connections and share in the familiar feelings that love can evoke.


10th - 12th February 2015, Glasgow:

A tale of hubris, planes, demos and undercover deceit told by an award-winning performer.

Craig Hill

13th February 2015, Cumbernauld:

Strap yourself in for a Craig Hill thrill.


13th February 2015, Edinburgh:

Seeing, hearing and responding – how can storytelling open up our awareness of the natural world? Storyteller and community activist, Jane Mather, explores storytelling in natural world and garden settings as a way to link the generations.

Broadcasting in Scots

14th February 2015, Edinburgh:

People speak naturally in Scots but think that the media requires Standard English.


15th February 2015, Cumbernauld:

An ancient feud between the Capulets and Montagues rips apart the city of Verona.

Love and the Romans

14th February 2015, Dundee:

From stolen glances and passionate embraces to bitter break-ups and fond farewells, Roman poetry is a great place to learn the ancient language of love.


25th February 2015, Dundee:

Learn what life was like for both Romans and natives in occupied Scotland, from Dr Fraser Hunter, principal curator of Iron Age and Roman collections at National Museums Scotland.

Craig Hill

14th February 2015, Inverness:

Strap yourself in for a Craig Hill thrill.


10th - 14th February 2015, Edinburgh:

When John Travolta walked onto the dance floor in the smash hit film Saturday Night Fever, it changed the way we dance forever.

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