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Arts in Scotland

Scotland has always inspired creativity, and its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and colourful people have long been a focus for song, drama, literature and art. Today, art, in all its many forms, is very much alive and well in Scotland – and a major attraction for visitors. Literary art, performance art and the visual arts can be experienced and enjoyed the length and breadth of the country in every imaginable type of venue. Come and sample the abundance of talent Scotland has on offer. You won’t be disappointed.

activity highlights
Bloody Trams

4th - 18th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Following a successful premiere earlier this spring, Bloody Trams now returns to the Traverse stage for our late-night Festival slot.


11th & 18th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Inspirational discussions with leading writers and theatre makers from this year’s Fringe and Edinburgh Festivals.


11th & 18th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Four readings from four brand-new plays by four emerging and established playwrights.


19th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Edinburgh’s biggest comedy event featuring an all-star cast, with special guest hosts Kevin Bridges and Seann Walsh.

James I: The Key Will Keep The Lock

10th - 20th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Bold and irreverent storytelling explores the complex character of this colourful Stewart king – a poet, a lover, a law-maker but also the product of a harsh political system.


18th - 20th August 2014, Glasgow:

Winner of the TONY Triple Crown for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book, Avenue Q is part flesh, part felt and packed with heart.

McNeill of Tranent

20th August 2014, East Lothian:

George McNeill was born in Tranent, a small Scottish mining town.


10th - 21st August 2014, Edinburgh:

In the second part of Rona Munro’s thrilling trilogy, innocent games merge with murderous intent in a violent royal playground of shifting realities and paranoia.


19th - 21st August 2014, Edinburgh:

Drawing from sources both ancient and modern, Gnosis is inspired in part by the Hindu epic the Mahabharata and the story of Gandhari, the wife of the blind king who blindfolds herself for life to share his journey.


21st August 2014, Perth:

Scotland Yet is a feature length documentary that takes a radically different approach to the debate on Scottish independence.

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