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Arts in Scotland

Scotland has always inspired creativity, and its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and colourful people have long been a focus for song, drama, literature and art. Today, art, in all its many forms, is very much alive and well in Scotland – and a major attraction for visitors. Literary art, performance art and the visual arts can be experienced and enjoyed the length and breadth of the country in every imaginable type of venue. Come and sample the abundance of talent Scotland has on offer. You won’t be disappointed.

activity highlights
Ross Noble: Tangentleman

11th September 2014, Shetland:

Don’t miss your chance to see Ross Noble live in Mareel as he warms up for his 2014 Tangentleman tour.


11th September 2014, Inverness:

One week before the Scottish referendum vote, James Robertson asks what the Highland writer Neil Gunn might have to say about it.

Jon Richardson: Nidiot

12th September 2014, Aberdeen:

Jon Richardson is checking his tyre pressures, hoovering his floor mats and putting an emergency packed lunch in the boot of his car, ready to hit the road again with a brand new tour ‘Nidiot’.


12th September2014, Glasgow:

To celebrate the publication of his third volume of Diaries, Travelling To Work, Michael Palin presents a brand-new, two-part stage show.


13th September 2014, Stirling:

Welcome to the beautifully strange world of White.


9th - 13th September 2014, Aberdeen:

Take a step back in time to the days of the Bay City Rollers, with memorable fashion and unforgettable music.

Jon Richardson: Nidiot

13th September 2014, Edinburgh:

Don’t miss Jon Richardson in his a brand-new tour Nidiot.


13th September 2014, Aberdeen:

To celebrate the publication of his third volume of Diaries, Travelling To Work, Michael Palin presents a brand new two-part stage show.

Big Book Tall Tales

13th September 2014, Fife:

This is an old story that takes place in a forgotten tattered library.


11th - 13th September 2014, Fife:

Marking a hundred years since the start of the First World War, Sell a Door Theatre Company revives Alastair Cording’s faithful adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s classic story, recently voted Scotland’s most popular novel of all time.

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