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Music in Scotland

From contemporary to classical, traditional to Celtic rock, opera to folk - Scotland is music to your ears. Scotland’s music scene has never been so vibrant and exciting, with live gigs and music festivals happening in cities and villages all over the country, at venues large and small. Whatever you’re into, don’t miss out on the fantastic choice of great live performances and attractions on offer. Now’s your chance to try something new.

activity highlights
The Life & Music Of Jim Reeves

25th March 2015, Fife:

Al Grant presents a unique insight into the life and music of the legendary singer Jim Reeves.


26th March 2015, Edinburgh:

A stunning traditional production recapturing the decadence of Renaissance Italy with lavish sets and opulent costumes.

Dunedin Consort

26th March 2015, Aberdeen:

Dunedin Consort presents Bach’s St Matthew Passion.


26th March 2015, Skye:

The Traditional Music course at Scotland’s Gaelic College presents the annual showcase.

John Suchet's Beethoven

26th March 2015, Dundee:

’Beethoven poured his life into his music,’ says John Suchet.


26th March 2015, Pitlochry:

One of Scotland’s most popular folk bands return to Pitlochry, but this time, it’s your first chance to experience their energetic folk sound on PFT’s main stage.

RSNO: John Suchet's Beethoven

27th March 2015, Edinburgh:

’Beethoven poured his life into his music,’ says John Suchet.



27th March 2015, Pitlochry:
One of the world’s longest running and successful Eric Clapton tribute bands return to Pitlochry’s Festival Theatre.

Nae Plans

27th March 2015, Edinburgh:

Taking their cue from the spontaneity of the trad music session, two of our finest folk musicians sit down on stage without knowing what they will play.


27th March 2015, Edinburgh:

The love story that gripped Paris, back by public demand.

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