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Music in Scotland

From contemporary to classical, traditional to Celtic rock, opera to folk - Scotland is music to your ears. Scotland’s music scene has never been so vibrant and exciting, with live gigs and music festivals happening in cities and villages all over the country, at venues large and small. Whatever you’re into, don’t miss out on the fantastic choice of great live performances and attractions on offer. Now’s your chance to try something new.

activity highlights
BBC SSO: Bruckner 4

17th April 2015, Aberdeen:

A horn calls in the distance; a clarinet sings a peasant song; and a solitary wanderer trudges through the forest.


17th April 2015, Lanark:

British rock group, The Electric Light Orchestra, epitomised the 70s with their unique symphonic rock style and unforgettable classics.

The Golden Age of Film Music

17th April 2015, Edinburgh:

Glamorous stars, spectacular sets, epic adventures and music that just knocked you out of your seat.


17th April 2015, Glasgow:

An evening of Viennese warmth, humour and sheer virtuosity.

Masterclass: Piano with Pascal Rogé

17th April 2015, Glasgow:

Masterclasses provide progressing students an opportunity to concentrate and develop on their skills, with professional advice given by esteemed external guest artists.


17th April 2015, Stornoway:

Since bursting on to the scene in 2010 as award winners at Glasgow’s Celtic Connections festival, Rura have firmly established themselves as a major force.

BBC Radio 3: Poulenc 50 Years On with Pascal Rogé

17th April 2015, Glasgow:

Pascal Rogé exemplifies the finest in French pianism, characterised by its elegance, beauty and refined phrasing.


18th April 2015, Inverclyde:

The world’s original One Direction tribute band returns to Beacon Arts Centre.

The Vamps

18th April 2015, Glasgow:

The Vamps are set to take 2015 by storm with their first arena tour.


18th April 2015, Lanark:

Back to Lanark Memorial Hall by popular demand, don’t miss the chance to see “The New Jersey Boys” show – a must see for any fan of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

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