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what’s on Perthshire

Right in the very heart of Scotland, Perthshire brings you some of the finest and most accessible scenery anywhere in the Scottish highlands and is a huge attraction for botanists, ornithologists and anyone who simply wants to drink in the majesty of its landscape. Some of Europe’s most remarkable tree species and woodland can be found in Perthshire, and the region’s interesting and varied terrain makes it a challenging playground for both mainstream and extreme outdoor sport enthusiasts. If your interests lie elsewhere, don’t worry - Perthshire has something to offer everyone. It boasts a wide range of attractions, including museums, castles, stately homes, historical sites, distilleries, craft shops and much, much more. And for lovers of culture, Perth Theatre and Perth Concert Hall both deliver a varied events programme featuring comedy, dance, drama, music, visual art and family entertainment.

regional highlights

4th October 2014, Perth:

Ross Noble will be showcasing his talent in brand-new UK show, Tangentleman.

5th October 2014, Perth:

Macmillan Cycletta is the UK’s leading series of women only bike rides, set in spectacular, family-friendly venues.

10th October 2014, Perth:

The Ultimate Eagles will be paying homage to one of the greatest and most successful bands of all time.

11th October 2014, Perth:

Don’t miss The Optimum Tour, featuring the band’s current line-up Michael Williams, Ryan King, Damion Charles and Daniel Bowen-Smith.

26th June - 15th October 2014, Pitlochry:

One of the best-known and perhaps the best-loved of Barrie’s plays, this classic comedy from 1902 is a deftly constructed and sparklingly witty satire that still resonates today.

27th June - 15th October 2014, Pitlochry:

Berry picking, neep pulling, basket making: Scotland’s travelling folk stayed close to the land.

28th June - 16th October 2014, Pitlochry:

Sharply observed, moving and wickedly funny, this is a modern romantic comedy par excellence.

17th July - 17th October 2014, Pitlochry:

Alex and Brian: a couple of Motherwell lads going nowhere.

21st August - 18th October 2014, Pitlochry:

It’s 1942 and World War II is raging, drawing millions into an epic global struggle between good and evil.

18th October 2014, Perth:

The UK’s number one Buddy, Marc Robinson, arrives with a fabulous concert, reviving classic hits like Peggy Sue, That’ll be the Day and Oh Boy.

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