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what’s on Perthshire

Right in the very heart of Scotland, Perthshire brings you some of the finest and most accessible scenery anywhere in the Scottish highlands and is a huge attraction for botanists, ornithologists and anyone who simply wants to drink in the majesty of its landscape. Some of Europe’s most remarkable tree species and woodland can be found in Perthshire, and the region’s interesting and varied terrain makes it a challenging playground for both mainstream and extreme outdoor sport enthusiasts. If your interests lie elsewhere, don’t worry - Perthshire has something to offer everyone. It boasts a wide range of attractions, including museums, castles, stately homes, historical sites, distilleries, craft shops and much, much more. And for lovers of culture, Perth Theatre and Perth Concert Hall both deliver a varied events programme featuring comedy, dance, drama, music, visual art and family entertainment.

regional highlights

25th April 2014, Perth:

Dust off your platforms, put on your flares, and come and enjoy an unforgettable night with Abbamania.

25th April 2014, Perthshire:

Frit Lang’s iconic 1927 film Metropolis is regarded as a pioneer work of science fiction movies.

26th April 2014, Perth:

Bongos and Brass is an action-packed interactive concert brought to you by family favourites Children’s Classic Concerts.

26th April 2014, Perth:

Perth-born pianist Alasdair Beatson joins the Ensemble for an afternoon musical promenade, performing three dynamic masterpieces in three venues in three hours.

23rd - 26th April 2014, Perth:

Visit Perth Racecourse and watch the finest horses and jockeys compete in a great historical location.

27th April 2014, Perth:

Perth-born Alasdair Beatson is building a very distinguished career as recitalist and chamber musician.

29th April 2014, Perth:

Scottish Ensemble team up with folk super-duo Chris Stout and McKay for a sea journey from Dundee to Shetland composed by Sally Beamish.

2nd May 2014, Perth:

Handel’s powerful and emotional oratorio, The Triumph of Time and Truth, brings together a tour-de-force of choral baroque singing with five stunning operatic soloists.

3rd May 2014, Perth:

The Jack and Jill Markets are quality, nearly-new baby and children’s markets across Scotland where Smart Mums Sell and Save.

3rd May 2014, Perth:

Perthshire has a rich heritage in whisky production, a tradition which the region is proud to celebrate.

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