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What’s on Edinburgh and The Lothians

The Lothians consist of East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian, and together they make up Edinburgh’s superb surrounding coast and countryside. Here you can discover many tales of Scotland’s past in stately homes, dramatic castles and medieval chapels. Although not far from Scotland’s capital city, they offer a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh with its city streets steeped in history, thriving cultural scene and diverse range of attractions.

regional highlights

23rd November 2014, Edinburgh:

Don’t miss this evening’s performance which forms part of the Scots Fiddle Festival.

21st - 23rd November 2014, Edinburgh:

This festival, which includes the screening of three films, is the first in the world to look at the moral status of the embryo.

24th November 2014, Edinburgh:

Edinburgh Interfaith Association (EIFA) premieres the short documentary Faith and Identity.

25th November 2014, Edinburgh:

Join Linten Adie and friends from the Scots Music Group for a relaxed afternoon of songs and music celebrating Scotland’s patron Saint.

25th November 2014, Edinburgh:

The Band of HM Royal Marines presents a combination of traditional military marches, light classical pieces and music from the shows.

26th November 2014, Edinburgh:

Don’t miss the Edinburgh performance from this popular folk singer-songwriter as part of his new tour.

26th November 2014, West Lothian:

Donaldson’s are holding a Christmas Shopping Evening in November.

26th November 2014, Edinburgh:

Join us for a Christmas shopping night at Edinburgh Zoo and meet Santa.

27th November 2014, Edinburgh:

This year, Edinburgh College of Art is hosting Book Marks @ECA, a celebration of the huge variety of ways that book form is used by staff, students and alumni at Edinburgh College of Art.

27th November 2014, Edinburgh:

Lau-Land Edinburgh opens with a special show by the festival curators featuring Elysian String Quartet, plus special guest Ella the Bird.

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