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What’s on Edinburgh and The Lothians

The Lothians consist of East Lothian, Midlothian and West Lothian, and together they make up Edinburgh’s superb surrounding coast and countryside. Here you can discover many tales of Scotland’s past in stately homes, dramatic castles and medieval chapels. Although not far from Scotland’s capital city, they offer a complete contrast to the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh with its city streets steeped in history, thriving cultural scene and diverse range of attractions.

regional highlights

1st - 24th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Experience The Three Little Pigs like never before.

1st - 24th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Performed daily by new actors, reading blind.

1st - 24th August 2014, Edinburgh:

As part of their festival programme, Fire Exit bring us an epic political thriller available anywhere with wi-fi access, via smartphone or tablet.

3rd - 24th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Olwen Fouéré is one of Ireland’s leading theatremakers.

3rd - 24th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Can our relationships withstand the brutality of betrayal? Two couples find themselves struggling to comprehend their roles as lovers, partners and individuals amidst the tedium and routine of daily life.

3rd - 24th August 2014, Edinburgh:

1914, a field dressing station behind the front lines.

3rd - 24th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Following his award-winning show Bravo Figaro, Mark Thomas returns to the Traverse to tell the true story of how he discovered his close friend was spying on him for Britain’s biggest arms dealer.

23rd & 24th August 2014, East Lothian:

The Singing Kettle’s Anya, Kevin and Gary are ready to have a grrrrreat time and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY - and YOU are all invited.

25th August 2014, East Lothian:

Alex returns to The Brunton with another extravaganza showcasing some songs from his newly released album from Greentrax.

18th - 25th August 2014, Edinburgh:

Professional interactive theatre for kids who don’t just want to sit still and watch.

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