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What’s on Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders is noted for its hills and moorlands, valleys and rivers, and its rocky Berwickshire coastline. The area has many friendly towns and picturesque villages to explore - as well as castles, abbeys, stately homes and museums. The Scottish Borders is a paradise for hillwalkers and cyclists of all abilities - and the River Tweed provides some of the best fishing in Scotland. Famous for its textiles, the Scottish Borders is an ideal place to buy knitwear, tweeds and tartans. It’s also rugby union territory - and if you time it right, you may also get the chance to go to one or more of the games in the Scottish Borders annual Rugby Sevens tournament. The somewhat turbulent history of the Scottish Borders is commemorated every year in the Common Ridings and other annual local festivals.

regional highlights

3rd & 4th May 2014, Scottish Borders:

The Borders Ciclista is very different to any other Sportive event in the UK.

25th April - 5th May 2014, Scottish Borders:

Sixth annual exhibition of paintings and sculpture by local artists in the beautiful setting of Duns Castle.

6th May 2014, Peebles:

This award-winning production tells the extraordinary true story of Wojtek, the 250lb Polish soldier bear, who fought at Monte Cassino and died in Edinburgh Zoo in 1963.

7th May 2014, Scottish Borders:

Steeped in history and voted ’Britain’s Friendliest Racecourse’ in a Sunday Times Survey, Kelso is a mecca for Border folk and well-known for its excellent hospitality and friendly atmosphere.

8th May 2014, Peebles:

Polly and the Billets Doux are something brilliantly different.

10th May 2014, Scottish Borders:

Part of the Kings of the Sevens league competition.

16th May 2014, Peebles:

Five of the finest local bands have joined forces to present this tribute to an admirable Borders character.

17th May 2014, Scottish Borders:

The Jedforest 7s (the friendly 7s) are traditionally the last of the Kings Of The 7s Tournaments.

22nd May 2014, Peebles:

What happens when the rock and roll of swinging sixties London collides with the rock and moss of remote Scotland? Sandy Sheridan, pretentious art critic and self proclaimed cultural icon, returns to his Scottish country pile from London, with his new, much younger, wife in tow.

23rd May 2014, Peebles:

Music from around the globe performed by Paul Chamberlain and Michael Haywood.

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