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What’s on Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders is noted for its hills and moorlands, valleys and rivers, and its rocky Berwickshire coastline. The area has many friendly towns and picturesque villages to explore - as well as castles, abbeys, stately homes and museums. The Scottish Borders is a paradise for hillwalkers and cyclists of all abilities - and the River Tweed provides some of the best fishing in Scotland. Famous for its textiles, the Scottish Borders is an ideal place to buy knitwear, tweeds and tartans. It’s also rugby union territory - and if you time it right, you may also get the chance to go to one or more of the games in the Scottish Borders annual Rugby Sevens tournament. The somewhat turbulent history of the Scottish Borders is commemorated every year in the Common Ridings and other annual local festivals.

regional highlights

3rd February 2015, Peebles:

Award-winning graduates of the UK’s leading conservatoires make up this ensemble with its passion for larger chamber music works.

6th February 2015, Peebles:

Gerard Logan plays the great Irish writer Oscar Wilde in this dramatic interpretation of two of his finest works, De Profundis and the Ballad of Reading Gaol.

7th February 2015, Peebles:

This banjo-wielding mama oozes wild style.

17th February 2015, Peebles:

Armed with a huge selection of props and costumes, Reisha Adams, Sioned Gwen Davies, Sam Furness, Joshua Owen Mills and Ben McAteer perform a repertoire of opera highlights.

19th February 2015, Peebles:

Three of the world’s finest musicians share the Eastgate stage.

4th March 2015, Peebles:

All the symptoms of real love.

5th March 2015, Peebles:

One of Scotland’s most recognised and accomplished fiddle players and composers, Duncan has spent most of his life developing his unique musical voice.

10th March 2015, Peebles:

Chloe Hanslip & Danny Driver perform works by MacMillan, Beethoven, Prokofiev and Strauss.

12th March 2015, Peebles:

Award-winning comedian Susan Calman arrives in Peebles as part of her first ever UK tour.

14th March 2014, Scottish Borders:

A quite outrageous adventure running event.

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