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What’s on Central Scottish Borders

The Tweed Valley dominates the interest here, along with the famous ruined 12th century abbeys at Kelso, Jedburgh, Dryburgh and Melrose. Other attractions include Sir Walter Scott’s mansion at Abbotsford and grand stately homes such as Floors Castle, Manderston, Paxton and Mellerstain House. The area is still a major producer of quality textiles which you can buy locally. The major towns celebrate their turbulent past in the Common Ridings, when local people dress up in period costume and ride out to check the burgh boundaries.  

area highlights

Early summer - December 2014, Scottish Borders:

The house, garden and landscape of Abbotsford are the creation of Sir Walter Scott and was developed from scratch between 1811 and 1825.

Year-round, Scottish Borders:

Also known as Lindinney Wood, and sitting very close to the River Tweed, Yair forest has paths leading to wonderful views.

Year-round, Scottish Borders:

In addition to its display gardens, visitors can also enjoy a food/craft hall, an aquatic/garden centre, smokery and restaurant.

Year-round, Scottish Borders:

Thought to be the burial place of Robert the Bruce’s heart, Melrose Abbey is a magnificent ruin on a grand scale with lavishly decorated masonry.

Year-round, Scottish Borders:

Discover passionate collectors, racing legends, famous painters and local history in a historic house within a beautiful Victorian park.

Year-round, Scottish Borders:

Dating back to the fifteenth century, Smalholm Tower is associated with two notable Border families &ndash first the Pringles (Hoppringles) up to 1645 thereafter the Scotts of Harden, ancestors of Sir Walter Scott.

Year-round, Scottish Borders:

Sitting by the Tweed River, and with its medieval ruins remarkably complete, it is easy to envisage monasticc life at Dryburgh.

Year-round, Scottish Borders:

Founded initially as a priory by King David I in 1138, Jedburgh Abbey was a frequent target for invading border armies.

Year-round, Peebles:

Every Saturday in Pennels Close from 9am until 3pm, you can buy locally sourced bread, eggs, cakes and much more.

April - September, Scottish Borders:

An awesome, eerie ruin, set in a lonely spot, Hermitage Castle was one of the major strongholds in the Borders from the 14th century to the Union of the Crowns in 1603.

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