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What’s on West Scottish Borders

One of the most scenic stretches of the Tweed Valley starts here, with the handsome royal burgh of Peebles. Downstream you’ll find Innerleithen, with it famous Robert Smails Printing Works and the sulphurous spa water of St Ronans Wells, once frequented by Sir Walter Scott. Close to Innerleithen is Traquair House, the oldest continuously inhabited house in Scotland, and the Traquair House Brewery which first started here over 400 years ago. The beauty of the hills around Peebles can be explored on foot or by bike and, from city itself, cyclists can hook up to the clearly signposted 90-mile Tweed Cycleway.

area highlights

25th April 2014, Scottish Borders:

Fantastic harmonies, great arrangements and a wonderful trip down memory lane from The Boyds in their live, two-hour show.

27th April 2014, Scottish Borders:

Part of the Kings of the Sevens league competition.

30th April 2014, Peebles:

Phil Mack is one of Scotland’s most experienced Sports Physiotherapists & Sports Scientists.

2nd May 2014, Peebles:

Alexander McCall Smith will give a talk in aid of the John Buchan Story Museum in Peebles.

3rd May 2014, Scottish Borders:

Part of the Kings of the Sevens league competition.

6th May 2014, Peebles:

This award-winning production tells the extraordinary true story of Wojtek, the 250lb Polish soldier bear, who fought at Monte Cassino and died in Edinburgh Zoo in 1963.

8th May 2014, Peebles:

Polly and the Billets Doux are something brilliantly different.

16th May 2014, Peebles:

Five of the finest local bands have joined forces to present this tribute to an admirable Borders character.

22nd May 2014, Peebles:

What happens when the rock and roll of swinging sixties London collides with the rock and moss of remote Scotland? Sandy Sheridan, pretentious art critic and self proclaimed cultural icon, returns to his Scottish country pile from London, with his new, much younger, wife in tow.

23rd May 2014, Peebles:

Music from around the globe performed by Paul Chamberlain and Michael Haywood.

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