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What’s on The Isles of Shetland

Of the other inhabited Shetland islands, Yell, Unst, Fetlar, Bressay, Whalsay and Burra are the largest. With their cliffs, caves, sea stacks, sandy bays and wild flowers, the Shetland Isles are a haven for birds and other wildlife. Dramatic, unusual landforms and evidence of old civilisations abound here. So there’s plenty for you to photograph and explore on days out. Given their spectacular scenery, environment and heritage, there’s little wonder that the Shetland Isles keep so many visitors coming back for more each year.

area highlights

10th - 13th July 2015, Shetland Isles:

Drift is a travelling outdoor sculptural installation and soundscape which is ‘washing up’ on beaches across Scotland.

May-September, Shetland Isles:

Part of the Unst Heritage Trust, the museum is dedicated to the maritime history of Shetland boats.

May-September, Island of Unst:

At the top end of Unst, the Unst Heritage Centre concentrates on all things unique to Unst and is a permanent link to the rich history of the island.

Year-round, Shetland Isles

The whole island of Fetlar is a haven for flora and fauna, and a great place to explore.

Year-round, Shetland:

The best preserved broch in Scotland, Mousa Broch is over 13m tall, a little short of its original height.

Year-round, Shetland Isles:

The fascinating museum created in the Symbister Pierhouse exhibits details of fishing from centuries past when German merchants from the Hanseatic League traded for cured fish.

Year-round, Unst, Shetland Isles:

Overlooking Muckle Flugga, Britain’s most northerly point, Hermaness provides a wonderful haven for over 100,000 seabirds.

Year-round, Noss, Shetland Isles:

Take a boat trip to this island where thousands of seabirds and wonderful scenery guarantee a memorable experience.

Year-round, Unst, Shetland Isles:

It may look like a moonscape, but the bare stony scree of this reserve supports a unique collection of plants.

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