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Opera Scotland

Opera is very much on trend these days, something everyone can enjoy - and Scotland offers plenty of opportunities for you to sample the delights of this unique classical experience. From grand opera to operetta and operatic pops, companies stage performances in theatres all over Scotland.

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28th & 29th May 2015, Glasgow:

These simply staged opera scenes are chosen for the postgraduate Vocal students students as a means of exploring their present capability and potential, providing audiences with a wonderful opportunity to see progressing singers at the start of their operatic journey.

4th & 5th June 2015, Glasgow:

Offering an entertaining and varied mixture of repertoire, these simply staged operatic scenes with piano accompaniment give the audience a candid insight into how first year students hone and display their craft in public at the beginning of their exciting operatic journey.

4th & 6th June 2015, Inverness:

Opera at its grandest, Verdi’s Il trovatore hasn’t been seen on the Scottish Opera stage since 2001.

2nd - 6th June 2015, Aberdeen:

Opera at its grandest, Verdi’s Il Trovatore hasn’t been seen on the Scottish Opera stage since 2001.

4th July 2015, Glasgow:

Love hurts, especially in opera.

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