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Folk music Scotland

Folk singers tell stories about life, love, liberty – and often politics. Scottish folk has evolved from simple guitars to incorporate a rich blend of traditional and contemporary instruments. Celtic styles have come back into the spotlight, with many bands singing in Gaelic. Top acts like Capercaillie and Runrig fuse folk and rock together to bring Gaelic music to a much wider audience throughout the UK.

activity highlights

15th August, Scottish Borders:

The Scocha sound is unique.

17th August 2014, Inverness:

A unique collaboration between legendary Scottish singer-songwriter Rab Noakes and acclaimed Gaelic songstress Kathleen MacInnes.

19th August 2014, Ayr:

Born and raised in Manchester, now based in Texas, Clive Gregson is an accomplished singer, musician and record producer of world-renown.

23rd August 2014, Deeside:

Popular Irish folk musicians, The Jeremiahs, present a fantastic repertoire of old and new tunes from Ireland, Scotland, and England.

25th August 2014, East Lothian:

Alex returns to The Brunton with another extravaganza showcasing some songs from his newly released album from Greentrax.

26th August 2014, Aberdeen:

Named by Rolling Stone Magazine as one of the Top 20 Guitarists of All Time, Richard Thompson is also one of the world’s most critically acclaimed and prolific songwriters.

29th August 2014, Lanark:

Dougie MacLean is Scotland’s pre-eminent singer-songwriter and a national musical treasure who has developed a unique blend of lyrical, ‘roots-based’ songwriting and instrumental composition.

30th August 2014, Perth:

A powerful and poignant show marking a century since the beginning of WWI featuring over 20 of Scotland’s leading folk artists.

3rd September 2014, Fife:

In 2013 both Angus and Duncan combined their musical talents and bands to launch albums of their Celtic Connections New Voice’s Commissions.

5th September 2014, Inverclyde:

Teaming up with Robin Hall in the 50’s, for four years, Jimmie appeared five nights a week on the BBC’S Tonight Show.

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